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Erin started Graceful Photography shortly after the birth of her first child. In an effort to capture her different faces and expressions, she discovered a passion for photography. When friends began to see her work, she was asked to take pictures for them. It was when strangers began calling that Graceful Photography began. She works with children all day during her "day job" so this was a natural transition. This "hobby" has allowed her to spend more time at home with her baby. She hopes that she will be able to help you celebrate the different stages of your child's life through photographs the way she is celebrating her little one's stages of life.

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By Phone: (402) 598-1046

NOTE: Erin would like to thank Ron Eis for all the help with photoshop and the website. Also thanks to Jessica Randall ( for all the advice and guidance that made Graceful Photography possible. THANKS!